Project coordinator Prof. Francesco Dondero and SCENARIOS scientist  Dr. Tommaso Serchi organized and chaired the session on PFAS toxicology at the ongoing SETAC2024 meeting in Sevilla, Spain. In the morning of Tuesday 07th a brainstorming by more experienced scientists illuminated the path to decipher the complexity of PFAS toxicology. The session extended in the afternonn with young PhD students and postdocs presenting their latest findings. Amazing session!.

Thanks and credits also to Dr Iseult Lynch (UoB) and Dr Menghang Xia (NIH, USA).

Also Periklis Tsiros presented the latest findings on modeling PFAS toxicity and Davide Gualandris presented our latest findings concerning the sub-lethal effects of long term exposure to PFAS in earthworms. Iseult Linch and Eva Junque also presented a poster which is a collaboration between the University of Birmingham, the UK Environment Agency and IDAEA – CSIC.

More resultó from SCENARIOS are expected to be publicly presented soon. Stay tuned.