Joint workshop on remediation of forever chemicals

On the 10th April SCENARIOS participated in the joint webinar “Remediating contaminated sites by persistent, mobile and toxic substances: H2020 projects case studies & results” that was organized in conjunction with sister project Promisces and ZeroPm with the help of the Horizon Results booster. The opening of the session was by Sofia Finzi from the Horizon Results Booster, followed by a short introduction by Sarah Hale from the German Water Center that spoke about the contribution of European research to evidence based zero pollution and health policy. 

Presentations for previews on the three remediation approaches taken in Promisces followed. We hear first from Alexander Sperlich from Berliner Wasserbetriebe about removal of PFAS from groundwater with high DOC concentration.

Ali Batikh presented his work on mobilization of PFAS from heterogeneous soils: Desorption by ethanol/xanthan gum mixture. This presentation was followed by Ali Hydar from Universita Politecnica delle Marche that presented an overview of transfer and conversion of PFAS during sediment treatment. This three solutions presented under Promisces project were followed by two approaches from ZeroPM.

Marcel Riegel from German Water Center presented a solution for PFAS removal from water using a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange – results from a pilot plant in a German waterworks. The second talk from ZeroPM was done by Nasos Stasinakis , University of the Aegean that talked about PFAS in sewage sludge: occurrence, fate during treatment and environmental risks.

It was the time now for SCENARIOS when our colleague Helena Hinrichsen from Envytech Solutions AB presented the Innovative treatment methods providing sustainable options for PFAS water treatment we are exploring at SCENARIOS.

An interesting discussion followed on after all presentations were done where the differences between traditional methods and innovative ones where taken into account.

You can check the video on our SCENARIOS YouTube Channel